alison holland language services
Interpretating and Translation


I am a highly qualified, experienced translator.

Can I help…?

… with French to English translations.

  • All types of material translated.
  • No job too small.


I am a highly skilled interpreter.

Can I help…?

… with your interpreting needs:

  • Liaison interpreting.
  • Consecutive interpreting.
  • Telephone interpreting.
  • Public service interpreting.
  • Assignments undertaken in a wide range of subject areas including finance, manufacturing and business.
Why use AHLS

You can count on:

  • Absolute professionalism.
  • Meticulous preparation.
  • Speed and accuracy of interpretation.
  • Highest possible quality of service.

AHLS provides reliable, efficient and cost-effective language services.

The cost depends on a number of factors including the length and complexity of the assignment.

Rates are reasonable and competitive.

To discuss your requirements for translation and interpreting services and obtain a quotation please contact me


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